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A new book inspired by "those" Dad's.

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About Jacob

"Write what you know." That advice led me here. 

I'm a first time author living in Minneapolis, MN with a family that lovingly puts up with my terrible Dad jokes. My son/dinosaur is old enough to let me know how much I embarrass him, but I still live for the moments when I can make him laugh.


I wrote this book so that I had an excuse to laugh with my kids. With your help through the store below, we can give that opportunity to families all across Minneapolis through the Little Free Libraries in our communities. Will you help?  

About the Author
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Every purchase helps provide a new book for a Little Free Library in Minneapolis! 

About The Book
The Story Behind the Book.

I wanted to write a book that captured the love–hate relationship between a Dad's jokes and the kids who put up with them.

Before Dad starts in on his bad jokes, you're met by a friend who warns you of the jokes to come and tries to keep you sane through it all. But as you keep reading, the jokes start to come at rapid fire.


Can you keep from laughing? 

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